How To: Apply emo makeup for a concert or night out

Apply emo makeup for a concert or night out

In this video from alyssaxabscission we learn how to apply emo makeup for a concert or a night out. Start with a primer on your eyelids. She uses orange-gold but any color can be used. Apply it to the inner corner up the upper lid. Use black and put it on the outer corner and crease of the eye. Make sharp wings on the outer corner like a cat. Next use a darker black to make it more defined. Now put black eyeliner on the upper and lower water line. Next line the top of the eyes very thin. Now use black to line the outer corner of the lower lid. Blend into the wing. Not too thick. Now put more color on the inner corners of the eyes. Next curl your lashes. Then apply mascara. For her lips she just uses lip balm and concealer.

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