How To: Apply a drag queen makeup look

Apply a drag queen makeup look

The first thing to do to prepare to apply your drag queen makeup look is to pin back all your hair so it is not in your face. Make sure your face is clean before applying make up. Begin by applying pear soap to your eyebrows with a small brush. Brush on your neutral powder. Paint over your eyebrows so it looks like they are not there. Apply powder to blend in. Use eye-shadow to trace just above your eyeball. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw new eyebrows that have a higher arc than your natural ones. Apply silver shadow to your natural brows. Blend in for shimmer. Apply your eyeliner. Use dark shadow to blend in around your eyeliner and just above the eyeball. Blend in underneath the eyelid also. Your eyes should look very dark. Use silver to blend in inside the eye for a light, shimmery look. Then you are going to apply glitter to your eyelids on the light areas. Use dark powder to bring out cheekbones. Glue on your eyelashes. Trace your lips and apply lipstick.

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