How To: Apply dark blue and black eyeshadow

Apply dark blue and black eyeshadow

Create this dramatic eye look with dark blue and black eyeshadow, with this how to video. this makeup tutorial uses the following products:
-MAC paint "Untitled"
-Lily Lolo foundation "Candy Cane"
-MAC shadestick "Sharkskin"
-Urban Decay eye shadow "Mary Jane"
-MAC pigment "Blue"
-Shu Uemura eye shadow "ME Blue 650"
-Shu Uemura eye shadow "ME Black 990"
-Go Cosmetics eye shadow trio "Grey, white and black"
-Shu Uemura drawing pencil "ME Blue"
-Gosh eye liner "Black Ink"
-Milani bronzer "Touch O Sun"
-Milani blusher "Sweet Cheeks"
-MAC msf "Glissade"
-Lancome lipstick "Beige Reflect"
-MAC lipglass "Viva Glam V"

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