How To: Apply Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight" look

Apply Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight" look

In her music video for "Not Myself Tonight," Christina Aguilera engages in some, er, racy antics, such as humping a guy with minimal clothing and practicing bondage/bdsm. All in a day's work for shock queen Aguilera, right?

Draw inspiration from her avant garde antics by integrating the bold colors Aguilera used in her makeup look into your own look. Shockingly dark blacks, reds, and bronzes will help elevate your face from blah to bombshell.

Products used: MAC | Painterly Paint Pot MAC | Gesso MAC | Copperplate MAC | Typographic MAC | Pale Yellow Pencil MAC | Pro Lash MAC | Cherry Liner MAC | Seriously Riche Lipstick MAC | Solar Riche Bronzer MAC | #7 and #35 lashes MAC | Select Sheer Powder Dior | Iconic Mascara Chanel | Matte Lumiere Foundatio

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