How To: Apply black makeup MAC style

Apply black makeup MAC style

In order to apply MAC black style makeup, you'll need the following: primer, a black base, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, lipstick, and a liquid liner. Add a primer on your eyes. Use a black base on your lower lid. Blend it in very well. Next use a little silver in the inner corner of your eye. Use a purplish shadow from the center of the eyelid outward. Blend it well. Blend it up, in order to create a cat eye effect. You can use a brush to help you. Use a black eye shadow in the crease. Extend the black under the lower lashes. Use a blue liquid liner to line your water line. You could use purple instead, if you don't have purple. Apply a bone color to brow bone. Apply mascara. Choose a pink blush for your cheeks and a pale nude lipstick.

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