How To: Apply a Bette Davis inspired makeup look

Apply a Bette Davis inspired makeup look

Goldiestarling presents you this video where she does a make-up inspired by late Bette Davis was a Hollywood actress. She says that Bette Davis is her all time favorite actress and she loved her from her high school days. She says the Bette was a very strong lady even in her real life and if you Google on her or watch her movies, you too will like her. This make-up she has done she says is based on Bette's character in the movie called 'Of Human Bondage' in which she plays a waitress and later becomes a prostitute and takes advantage of a weak rich man. For this she had her eyebrows blocked and then she uses an asus 217 brush and a 88-color kit, then puts a mid-brown color to define the inner corner near her brows. She also puts the same color on her upper lid and glue on the brow to cover it up. Then she picks the black color and gets s really dark inner corner done, then just touches the upper lid and brow with it. Then she takes little white color and puts it on the upper lid and the inner corner for touch up and then on the brow for the highlight. Also to get more highlight in the brow, she uses another dark white color on it. Then for under the eye makeup, she picks a black asus 219 sigma and puts a thin line which is much rounded at the outside corner of the under eye. She says this made Bette look sad when she plays the prostitute in the movie. She then does a faint line of black liner on the upper lid, then does a white liner on inside of the bottom lid to open up a little. She applies a generous coat of black color on her lashes. She then uses an asus 266 brush and gel black liner for doing the eyebrows. She does it very thin (little thicker on the inner ends) and long. Now for the lips, she puts black liner on both the lips and giving the upper one a clear bow shape. She then applies really dark brown lipstick using a lip brush over the black liner, then puts a Revlon gloss to make it shiny. So then she says she finally got the Bette Davis inspired look.

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