How To: Add a Youthful Glow Using Makeup (For Women in Their 40s)

Add a Youthful Glow Using Makeup (For Women in Their 40s)

Everyone should have a solid skin care regimen as a base for their makeup, especially women in their 40s. In this video, Shiloe shows us how to apply makeup and get a youthful glow. Use a moisturizer with SPF as a base.

Step 1 Foundation

Use a foundation that will give you a youthful glow. Apply in a sheer fashion.

Example: CoverGirl's Advance Radiance

Step 2 Eyeshadow

Use colors that complement your skin, hair, and eye color. Apply the base color of a palette all over the lid, then use the darker color in the crease and just under the bottom lash line for definition.

Example: CoverGirl's 3 Kit Shadows

Step 3 Mascara

Mascara is an important step to achieve a youthful look. Curl your lashes before applying.

Example: CoverGirl Lash Perfection 

Step 4 Eyebrows

Fill in your brow with an eyebrow pencil for a youthful look. Concentrate the color towards the arch and outer corners.

Example: CoverGirl's Brow and Eye Maker

Step 5 Blush

Use blush on the apple of the cheek and blend out towards the temple.

Example: CoverGirl's Cheekers

Step 6 Lipstick

Line lips with a lip stain and then use a gloss for shine and moisture.

Example: CoverGirl's Outlast Lipstain


  • Don't forget to take care of your hair as it ages, as well.

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