How To: 8 Reasons Why You Need a Spoon in Your Makeup Kit

8 Reasons Why You Need a Spoon in Your Makeup Kit

There are countless beauty tools, from expensive brushes that perfect your application of powder to carefully shaped smoothing pads that help you to blend your makeup. Yet hiding in your silverware drawer is a free and highly useful beauty tool that can help you create an even more sophisticated look: a spoon.

A single spoon can reduce puffiness and swelling, curl lashes, aid in eyeliner application, and much more. See below for our favorites.

1. Keep Your Face Mascara-Free

Applying mascara is a messy process, one that, for the lower lashes, often leaves you streaked and covered in mascara leftovers. In order to prevent this, place a spoon beneath the lower lashes.

Image via Michelle Phan

2. Blend a New Nail Polish

Add your own spin on the trend of nail art by creating your own tie-dye swirl of color. Use the dip of any spoon to add drops of your favorite polishes, and swirls them together with a toothpick to create a unique blend and pattern.

Image by Kathleen Kamphausen/Cosmopolitan

3. Remove Over-Applied Lipstick

Get rid of any excess lipstick—and prevent it from sticking on your teeth—using a spoon. Place the spoon in your mouth, and slowly pull it out to draw away any excess color with it.

Image via Michelle Phan

4. Fix Overgrown Cuticles

Calm overgrown or unruly cuticles by pushing them back into place with a spoon. Applying gentle pressure to your cuticles with the rounded edge of a spoon eases them back to their roots for better manicures.

Image via Marie Claire

5. Soothe an Angry Pimple

Angry, red pimples are the worst possible situation to wake up to. Instead of attempting to cover the problem with concealer, soothe the irritation with a cold spoon. Pop a frozen spoon over the red spot and watch the color fade away.

Image by Kathleen Kamphausen/Cosmopolitan

6. Smooth Your Foundation

Use a cold spoon, rubbing it against your bare skin before you apply any product to soothe any imperfections that might become highlighted as you add contour and powder. The cold temporarily calms any uneven spots for flawless application.

Image via PositiveMed

7. Perfect Your Contour

Nail your shading and contouring routine by adding the gentle lines of a spoon as you apply blush and foundation. Place the spoon against your cheekbone to find your highest arch, and apply accordingly.

Image by Stephania Stanley/Marie Claire

8. Create Your Own Lip Stain

Use a broken eyeshadow palette, or even your own nearly-empty lip product, along with a spoon and a bit of heat. Place the moisturizer and the powder color of your choice in the spoon, heat with a lighter, and dab onto your lips.

Got any other tricks for spoons that you use in your daily beauty routine? Let us know!

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