How To: Apply zombie or "dead girl" makeup for Halloween

Apply zombie or "dead girl" makeup for Halloween

In this tutorial, we learn how to apply zombie or "dead girl" makeup for Halloween. First, brush on white to create scars on the face, covering them with green over the entire face. After this, make the scars black and red on the inside to make them look more realistic. Now, apply blue in a circle around your eyes and on the outside nostrils of your nose. Darken up the blue with a dark blue on the bottom lid and in the crease of the eye as well. Darken the eyebrows with black and apply the same color on the lids of the eye. Apply black liner on the bottom of the eye, then blend at the outer corner with the black. Use a black liquid eyeliner to create branching off the bottom of the eye until it's reached all the way around the bottom area. Finish this off with false eyelashes and enjoy this amazing look!

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