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Rec Needed: Sunscreen

Hi all, I am an undergraduate student majoring in exercise science. I am going to be testing different sunscreens under a variety of conditions (mainly water and sweat) to validate their advertised protection durations. For testing, I am using two high level product groups: natural and artifical (dare I say unnatural?).

How-To: Classic Bold Red Lips

A red lip is a classic look for a reason -- it's universally flattering, and never fails to add a touch of retro glamour to any look. It creates a glammed-up appearance in just one swipe and is universally flattering. In our 'B for Beauty' Makeup expert Olivia Anugraha teaches us how to get Classic Bold Red Lips.

Forum Thread: How to Bright Colors for Indian Skin

One thing that?s really fun to play with in your makeup is incorporating bright and trendy colors. Brightly colored makeup is intimidating, even for the most beauty-savvy amoung us. Today in 'B for Beauty' Makeup up expert Sathya Marie from Page3 Salon shows us how to do Bright Colorful Makeup for Indian skin!

How-To: Office Makeup in Under 10 Minutes

Most of the time we do not have much time to spend for makeup when we are running late for work. Today in 'Terrific Tresses' we will see how to get ready to office in under 10 minutes. We are gonna use just 5 products to achieve a presentable look for office.

How to: Conceal for Indian Skin Tone

Concealer is a beauty essential that can brighten up a tired face, cover up unsightly sunspots, blemishes, and make away with under-eye circles. Today in 'B for Beauty' Makeup expert Sathya Marie shows us how to do concealing for Indian skin tone.

Forum Thread: How to Create an Everyday Makeup Routine

Hello lovlies! I hope you guys enjoyed this Morning Routine and Everyday Makeup video! I also found this really awesome DIY Skin Cleanser that gets rid of dark marks and acne scars on Pinterest and it's been working great! Make sure to subscribe and like this video! You should also suggest some ideas for what you want to see in my next video!


Hey guys! i have done another tutorial on my youtube channel! its my 3rd video and its a sfx one! its a video where the mouth is slit open with lots of blood - if your into that sort of thing?! hahaha. Please check it out! & subscribe/thumbs up the video if you enjoyed it, it means alot! thankyou :) x


people have already started to fill this out & i want to thank you all so much! please can you all keep filling it out for me? :) and in return, could you please post me your "username" etc and i will up your Kudo's or any websites you want to be broadcasted in return! :) x MAKEUP QUESTIONNAIRE.


How to achieve full coverage makeup for tired looking skin! As you can see, i have pretty pale skin with dark bags under my eyes and i always seem to look washed out and "ugh" with no makeup on! you can see the difference with the before and after photo. Makeup truly does make a difference to your appearance and confidence and i love it! Please watch my video and subscribe/comment if you liked it :) thankyou xo.

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