Forum Thread: How to Chinese Fan Hair Style

Chinese Fan Hair Style Tutorial For Beginners!!!!

This quirky Chinese Fan Hair Style is awesome to flaunt when out for your special occasions. This exclusive hairdo is both fashionable and accessible and makes your appearance memorable every time you don it.

Step 1: Comb Your Hair and Grab Them in a Pony. Take a Small Strand of Hair from Pony, Pull It Up and Secure with a Pin.

Step 2: Now Take a Very Small Strand of Hair from the Side of Pony. Divide It into Two Strands. Take the Bottom Strand Place It Over the Top Strand an Make a Knot. Repeat the Same Process an Make One More Knot.

Step 3: Now Combine These Two Strands and Take a Strand from the Pony and Repeat the Same Knotting Process as Above Process. Continue to Knot the Entire Pony to Create a Bun.

Step 4: Once All the Hair Is into a Bun Secure the Bun with Pins as Shown. Now Take the Pulled Up Strand and Braid It.
After Braiding Coil It Up and Place It at the Top of Bun.

Step 5: Add Some Pearls to the Bun for a Final Look.

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