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Bun With French Braid Hair Style Tutorial For Beginners!!!!

Take a look at this Suave and Bedazzled Bun With French Braid style that instantly glorifies your appearance into that of a stylish diva. Not only it is made is few simple and easy steps, but makes a cool impression with its handsome presentation.

A French braid that ends up with bun. You want to know how? Simply follow this tutorial..............................

Step 1: Comb Your Hair to Make Them Smooth and Tangle Free. Then Keep All Your Hair Brushed Backwards.Take a Large Section of Hair from the Top Centre of Your Hair.

Step 2: To Make a French Braid Divide This Section into Three Even Strands.

Step 3: Make One or Two Weaves of Regular Braid by Taking the Strand on the Right and Crossing It Over the Middle Strand and Then Taking the Strand from the Left and Crossing It Over the Middle Strand.

Step 4: Before Starting to Cross Over the Right Strand Again, Take a Little Bit of Additional Hair from the Right Side and Add It to This Strand and Cross This Over the Middle Strand. Similarly Incorporate Additional Hair on the Left Side and Cross It Over to the Middle Section.

Step 5: Continue Doing So Adding More Hair Each Time Before Cross Over Till All the Additional Hair Is Done. Make Sure That You Add Same Amount of Hair to the Strand Each Time. Now Make a Regular Braid with the Hair in Your Hands and Secure with a Band.

Step 6: Now Making This Braid as One of the Strands, Divide the Loose Hair at the Nape into Two Strands and Make a Regular Braid.

Step 7: Roll This Braid Up and Secure with Pins to Make a Bun.

Step 8: Adorn the Braid with Some Hair Accessories as Shown

Hence Brighten Up Your Looks with This Cool Hairstyle by Grasping These Simple Steps. This Stylish Hairdo Lets You Make a Lasting Impact on All Folks of Contemporary Fashionable World.

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